Home Theater and automation systems. Audio video setup

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Ability to control all subsystems from a single point, automation is all about convenience.


Automation is doing for lighting what dimmers did when they first came out. Now you can set the mood for the entire house at once instead of one switch at a time.

Audio/Video Distribution

   •    Whole House Video Distribution
 Centralized video distribution allow for fewer sources to be shared throughout the house.
   •    Whole House Audio Distribution
 Some of the most popular aspects of an automation system is the ability to listen to different music in different rooms and to share your library.
   •    Integration with IPod/iPhone/iPad, handheld remotes and/or Android devices.
 With the popularity of personal music players and satellite radio, it is understandable that more and more people would like to listen to these devices using their stereo equipment. Usually the home stereo equipment and speakers are expensive equipment that could/should be used to play the music from these sources.


Now you can control ALL of your thermostats from a single location whether at home or using an internet browser from a remote location.

Motorized Window Coverings

Whether you use them to black out the Theater room or give shade to the rest of the house, motorized window coverings can help reduce AC bills, save furniture and raise the value of the house.

Pool and Spa

Would you like the system to be ready every night before you get home so that you can relax in a warm spa before dinner? How about being able to turn it on from inside the house before running out in the cold to jump in?

TV/Audio/Video control

How many remotes do you have on your coffee table? Whether it is using a Universal remote or part of the entire house automation system, we can make watching movies as simple as possible.

DVD and Music Libraries

No more fumbling around with your DVDs and CDs. CamCat can setup your entire CD/DVD libraries at the touch of a button.